Data Controller

This document aims to present information regarding the processing of personal data of individuals whose personal data are processed by Law Firm DREN & ROVŠEK SRŠE Ltd., 5 Štefanova ulica, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter: “Law Firm DRS Ltd.”). Insofar as your personal data are processed by Law Firm DRS Ltd. (e.g., but not necessarily and / or obligatorily, you have been referred to, you will find the necessary information in that regard herein (hereinafter Information).

We provide legal services for the purposes of practicing law. We provide legal advice, draft legal documents (such as contracts, lawsuits, and other documents), and represent clients before courts and other competent authorities (more information on the operations of Law Firm DRS Ltd. available at When providing legal services, we collect and process personal data related to potential or existing clients and / or their employees / representatives and / or other related parties (e.g. members of a client’s company, a client’s advisers).

Law Firm DRS Ltd. undertakes to process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Personal Data Protection Act and the basic principles of personal data protection adopted with it, the Attorneys Act, the Code of Professional Conduct
of the Bar Association of Slovenia, and in accordance with the expressed will of individuals or organizations who are our clients. To this end, Law Firm DRS Ltd. has adopted several internal acts and documents (such as the Rules on Processing and Protection of Personal Data, Security Policy in the Field of Information Technology).

Hereinafter, “processing” refers to collection, use, access, acquisition and transfer.

Data Protection Officer

Law Firm DRS Ltd. does not maintain a data protection officer since it is not obliged to do so, nor is there a need for it in regard to the processing of personal data.

Purposes of Processing of Personal Data

Law Firm DRS Ltd. acts as a data controller in connection with the processing of personal data listed in this Information. I.e., Law Firm DRS Ltd. decides on the manner of processing of personal data and on the purposes for which they are processed. Law Firm DRS Ltd. processes personal data for the purposes of providing legal services and of carrying out company operations, for the purposes of fulfilling legal obligations, of hiring personnel, of establishing a business network and a network of contacts / inquiries of prospective clients.

In a case file which is maintained by the Law Firm and which pertains to a client, the following personal data may be collected and kept, namely in written and in electronic forms (listed as an example, not excluding):

Name and surname, address of permanent and / or temporary residence, personal ID number, place of birth, tax ID number, telephone number – mobile, landline, fax; e-mail, bank account number, employment, property ownership, securities ownership, ownership of movable property, ownership of holdings in a company. These personal data may also include information on bank accounts or on financial status if the counterparties are natural persons. With respect to counterparties, we maintain the personal data required for conducting individual proceedings. In addition to the said, Law Firm DRS Ltd. processes personal data for the purposes of recruiting its personnel.

As Law Firm DRS Ltd. provides its services, it may cooperate with outside business partners and third-party service providers, such as external consultants, court interpreters, IT service providers, accountants, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Law Firm, as well as to ensure the quality of its services. To ensure the subject services, we may therefore collect and process personal data on such business partners / service providers and / or their employees / representatives, which may include name, mailing address, personal identification number, date / place of birth, telephone / fax number, e-mail address, and payment information. The said personal data are collected primarily through personal contacts and other means of communication (e.g. letters, telephone calls, e-mails, and our website) with these business partners and third-party service providers.

We take special care to collect and process only the personal data that are needed in connection to the purposes for which they are processed, and that we do not process them in a manner inconsistent with those purposes. Failure to provide the personal data required for the provision of our services may result in the inability of Law Firm DRS Ltd. to provide its services efficiently, so we immediately inform our prospective and existing clients of such cases.

Legal Basis for Processing of Personal Data

Law Firm DRS Ltd. processes personal data on the basis of a contract between the Law Firm and a client, that is consistent with:

  • Personal Data Protection Act (OG RS, no. 94/07 with changes; ZVOP-1),
  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679, GDPR),
  • Attorneys Act (OG RS, no. 18/93 with changes; ZOdv),
  • Code of Professional Conduct of the Bar Association of Slovenia (available at:,
  • Employment Relationship Act (OG RS, no. 21/13 with changes; ZDR-1).

In certain cases, Law Firm DRS Ltd. processes individuals’ personal data which are collected and kept, and it transfers them to government bodies and to other controllers, in order to fulfill its own or their legal obligations or competences (on the basis of a law, e.g. tax compliance), and on the basis of legitimate interests (e.g. in case of provision of our legal services, in case of processing for the purposes of maintaining a business network, in case of turnover of our receivables, etc.).

Users of Personal Data and Possible Transfer of Personal Data to Third Countries

Law Firm DRS Ltd. may also transfer your personal data in relation to the practice of law to third countries, wherein in such case, an appropriate level of personal data protection is ensured, either on the basis of the Binding Corporate Rules, standard contractual clauses, the Privacy Shield, or if an adequate level of personal data protection has been determined in regard to an individual country and / or transfer by a decision of a competent authority.

Individuals’ Rights in Regard to Processing of Personal Data

Individuals have the following rights in regard to their personal data which are processed by Law Firm DRS Ltd., unless they are subject to exceptions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations on personal data protection:

    • Right to access your personal data and right to the rectification of inaccurate personal data
    • Right to demand erasure of personal data
    • Right to demand restriction of processing of personal data
    • Right to data portability
    • Right to object processing on the basis of a legal and / or legitimate interest
    • Right to lodge a complaint with the information commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia

Personal Data Retention Periods

Law Firm DRS Ltd. processes personal data to the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes of the processing, and as long as it is necessary to do so in order to achieve the intended purposes.

Personal data are kept until the expiry of the time limits specified by the legislation. Time limits can expire in 5 years or more.

Certain data are also kept for the purpose of proving compliance with your demands or within the scope of the conclusion and / or performance of the contract.


For any further information, for written requests regarding your personal data rights and for any potential correspondence regarding this Information, please contact:

Law Firm DRS Ltd.
5 Štefanova ulica
T: + 386 1 200 51 00
F: + 386 1 200 51 17

Validity, Changes of and Amendments to this Information

This Information may be changed or amended at any time, wherein the most recent valid version is always in force, as evident from the date of adoption of the most recent valid version.

The version of this Information valid at a certain time is published on, and is available in physical and in electronic forms at the headquarters of Law Firm DRS Ltd.

This Information on Processing of Personal Data for Individuals is in force as of May 25, 2018.

Ljubljana, date May 25, 2018


Mateja Dren, Director
Nastja Rovšek Srše, Director